4 Tips For A Well-Drained Bathroom Sink

Bathroom sinks can be a trouble spot in many homes. Toothpaste, soap scum, hair, and beauty product residue all collect in the drains. This scum can build up into a major blockage if you aren't careful. The following tips can help you keep the sink draining smoothly:

Tip #1: Catch What You Can

Hair, combined with soap scum, is often the culprit in a slow bathroom sink drain. Most sinks come equipped with a plug style stopper, which pops up and down to block the sink. Remove this stopper at least once a week and remove any hair or debris wrapped around it. Throw the debris in the garbage, don't flush it down the sink. If your sink doesn't have a stopper, invest in a small mesh sink drain. You'll likely need to dump it out every day or two, but it will keep most items out of your drain.

Tip #2: Use It Wisely

Not everything is meant to go down the bathroom sink drain. Try and keep anything that doesn't dissolve out of the drain. This includes toilet paper, large amounts of hair, and toothpaste caps, just to name a few items.

Tip #3: Check the Trap

Beneath the bathroom sink is a curved pipe. This pipe is called the trap because it holds water in the curved section. This water prevents sewer gasses from bubbling back up and into your home. The curve also traps debris and gunk from the sink above, which will sometimes result in a blockage. If your sink is draining slowly, place a bucket beneath this pipe.

Loosen the rings on either end that are holding it in place with a pipe wrench, and then remove the pipe. Remove any gunk inside, and then replace it. Often this will fix your bathroom sink issue.

Tip #4: Force It Out

Sometimes you have to use force. If the sink won't drain quickly, even after cleaning out the trap, it may be time to bring in a plumber. A plumber will usually either snake or hydro-jet the drain. Snaking uses a long wire coil, inserted into the drain wall pipe, to break through the clog.

To hydro-jet, the plumber will send a high force jet of water down the pipe to break the clog and to remove any residue stuck to the pipe. This will usually solve the problem, but you will need to make sure to use screens or plugs to prevent future blockages from occurring.

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