Two Tips To Help Keep Your Garbage Disposal Clear

Although you may not think of it in this way, your garbage disposal is an integral part of your overall plumbing system.  Because of this, it is important to be mindful of what you place into it.  While some people may find it acceptable to toss uneaten bones and other meal leftovers into their disposal unit, this is not the key to keeping it in good shape.  Use the following information to learn more about what you can do to keep your disposal system working properly.

Ice, Salt And Cold Water May Do The Trick

If you really want to keep your kitchen disposal running cleanly, look no further than a few household staples that you probably have on hand:  Ice, salt and cold running water.  These three ingredients may be the key to maintaining a clean disposal unit.

No matter how strong the motor is on your garbage disposal, it is inevitable that there will come a day when your unit is simply overused.  At this point, you may find that flipping the switch no longer turns on the motor, or that you are simply left to deal with a clogged sink.

Rather than deal with this issue, take steps ahead of time to combat the issue.  Putting ice and salt down your disposal can go a long way toward preventing those nasty buildups that keep you from using your unit until it is serviced.  Keep in mind that you will want to use cold water, since hot water can congeal the grease that may have accumulated in your disposal and cause an even nastier clog.

Keep The Blades Sharp

Another point that you want to keep in mind when dealing with a garbage disposal is the importance of keeping the blades sharp.  Always understand that the main reason why your disposal works is because there are knife-sharp blades down there that chop up the foods that you place within it.  If the blades go dull, the disposal won't work properly.

A great way to combat this issue is to regularly throw down food items that need to be broken up.  Instead of simply placing leftover chili down your disposal, throw a few lemon wedges there as well.  This gives your disposal blades something to chomp on so that they won't go dull when you need them most.

Caring for your garbage disposal is an important way to keep your entire plumbing system intact.  Start using these tips today so you can enjoy a working garbage disposal for as long as possible.

If your disposal does stop working, contact a service like Action Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc for professional help.