Does Your Home Have Heat Pump? Learn Its Role And When To Perform Maintenance

The air inside and outside your home plays a vital role in how efficient your home is in terms of air conditioning, heating, and ventilating. If your home uses a heat pump, the appliance will be responsible for exchanging the heat entering and exiting the home. Heat pump owners should understand the role the pump plays in your home's HVAC system, as well as time when they will need hearing repair.

The Primary Role Of The Heat Pump

The heat pump works by taking cold air inside your home and releasing it to the exterior. Warm outside air is then brought into your home whenever possible. If the temperature outside is cold, your HVAC system will use the auxiliary heater for raising the home's internal temperature.

Your heat pump works when cooling down your home in a similar way. Instead of pumping hot air into your home, it pumps the hot air outside. If the air outside is cold, it will exchange as much of it as it can.

The main benefit of using a heat pump instead of relying on a traditional furnace or air conditioner is that the heat pump is much more energy efficient. This is because the pump doesn't create cool or warm air with energy, but moves it between the interior and exterior of your home.

The Signs That Your Heat Pump Needs Maintenance

A common problem will be when you start to notice that air is not moving through your home's events, even after you've let the heat pump run for awhile. This is usually from the pump's motor needing to be fixed. It may be as simple of a problem as clearing off dirt or ice on the motor, which will require a profession to clean or defrost the pump.

Another sign that you need maintenance is when you notice that the system is not making any noise. This is because of the blower not functioning properly. Your heat pump depends on the blower to move air in and out of a home, and operates similarly to a blower on a furnace. Contact a professional to have the part repaired or replaced.

With so many moving parts on a heat pump, it is only a matter of time before something goes wrong with it. Pay close attention to the warning signs so that you can catch problems sooner rather than later. While you can get by with auxiliary heating and cooling systems, it will be doing it in a much more inefficient way without the heat pump working properly.