Cleaning Up After Residential Plumbing Repair: What You Need To Do

Your toilet was so badly jammed up that it overflowed and you needed a plumber. That is a pretty common plumbing problem. However, clearing a clog can lead to a very messy bathroom. Most plumbers will help you clean up this mess, which is both gross to look at and gross to smell. Cleaning up after residential plumbing repair is no fun, but at least it will go quickly and will not cost you a lot for the supplies you will need. (Your plumber may even have some gloves and bleach on hand to help you.) Here is what you need to do and why.

Don Gloves and Protective Equipment

Microscopic amounts of feces and bacteria are running amok in your bathroom right now. Everything that was touched or soaked by contaminated toilet water has got to be thrown into your washing machine and bleached/sanitized. You need to protect yourself and what you are currently wearing from coming into contact with this mess, so at the very least, don some cleaning gloves.

Bleach/Sanitize All Laundry 

If your plumber used several towels to prevent the mess from flowing everywhere, or your clothing hamper became a casualty when the toilet overflowed, wash all of the laundry. Do your best to either use bleach in the load or find a way to sanitize it so that microbes from the mess do not make you and your family sick. Towels are usually durable enough that you can bleach them, but you may have to find alternatives for the rest of your laundry (if it was contaminated).

Wipe Down All Surfaces with a Powerful Disinfectant

You have to wipe down every bathroom surface, including the sink counter top and the light switch, because you just do not know where any toilet splatters landed. Use a very powerful disinfectant, one that cleans as well as sanitizes. The cleaner you use has to kill all germs and bacteria associated with toilets and human waste, so be sure to read the bottle of cleaner carefully. When in doubt, bleach always does the job, but you should also ventilate your bathroom when cleaning with that much bleach.

Clean and Sanitize the Floor

Simply think about all the times you or your family members drop a toothbrush on the bathroom floor. Would you honestly want to put that toothbrush back in your mouth knowing that the floor was left unwashe and unsanitized after a toilet overflow and plumbing repair? Probably not. Since most of the toilet mess and repair work was at the floor level, be sure to clean and sanitize the floor really well.