How To Inspect And Clean The Blower Fan Blades On A Gas Furnace

Life changes once you own a home. Many of the things that you took for granted while renting you now have to do on your own. One thing that you need to make sure of before the fall and winter heating season begins is that your furnace is ready to be turned on and start heating your home. Filthy blower fan blades can prevent your furnace from operating a full capacity. Here is how you can inspect and clean the blower fan blades on a gas furnace.

Safety First

Make sure you shut off the electricity and gas to the furnace before you start working on the blower.


Remove the panel covering the blower, and reach in until you can touch the blades on the fan. If the fan blades are covered with dirt and debris, you'll need to remove the blower wheel to clean them.

Removing the Blower Wheel

Disconnect the electrical wire harness running from the furnace to the blower. Remove the screws holding the blower to the bracket inside the furnace. Slide the blower out of the furnace and place it on a work table.

Here's how you to remove the blower wheel:

  1. Remove the nut from the motor shaft (this is necessary so you can slide the motor shaft out of the blower wheel).
  2. Turn the blower housing unit over and remove the nuts on the motor bracket.
  3. Slide the motor out of the blower wheel and set it aside. The blower wheel should be completely loose in the housing unit.
  4. Take the blower wheel out of the housing unit for cleaning.

Cleaning the Fan Blades

Take the blower wheel outside and soak it down with a garden hose. Let the water soak into the debris and dirt to loosen it up.

You can use a stiff-bristled toothbrush or a small steel bristled brush to scrub at the dirt and debris. You should move from one blade to the next. After you've done a little scrubbing, you should stop and hose the blower wheel down so you can see how much debris remains on the fan blades. Keep repeating this procedure until the fan blades are completely clean. Let the blower wheel dry before putting everything back together.

You should also take to time to remove the dirt and debris from the housing unit, motor, and the furnace compartment where the blower goes so that dirt doesn't quickly end up getting caked onto the fan blades when you turn the furnace on for the winter.

Put the blower unit back together in the opposite way in which you took it apart, slide it back on bracket, and screw it back into place.

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Mitchell Plumbing & Heating Inc. or a similar company.