How To Repair A Leaky Pipe In Your Kitchen

If you have a leaky pipe under your sink, you need to fix it right away so the leak doesn't get worse. When a pipe leaks under the kitchen sink, the water will pool on the bottom side of the cabinet each time the water is turned on and every time there is water in the sink. This will eventually lead to the development of mold and will cause the wood to become damaged to the point where it needs full replacement. The longer you leave the leak, the worse the leak will get. You can learn how to fix a leaky pipe in this article so you can avoid these issues.

Prepare the work area

Before you begin working on repairing the leak, you want to prepare the work area. Do this by turning off the water to your sink so you don't have to worry about water coming in the pipes while you have them disconnected from one another.

Put a towel on the bottom of the cupboard to catch any excess water. Take a mop bucket and place it directly under the pipes you are going to be repairing. You may also want to wear knee pads, since you are going to be on your knees for a good length of time.

Repair the leaky pipe

If the pipe is leaking at the joint, you may be able to repair it by adding some plumber's tape to the end of the pipe. You should be able to loosen the connections on the pipe by hand. If they are too tight, you can use a pipe wrench. Remove the affected pipe and dry it off with a clean rag. Take the plumber's tape and wrap it around the ends of the pipe tightly. Put the pipe back in place, hand-tighten the connections and turn the water back on to test for a leak.

If a pipe under your sink has a crack, then you need to replace the pipe. Take it off just as you would for a pipe leaking from the joint, and take it to the nearest hardware store. Purchase the same pipe and tape plumbers tape on both ends. Put the new pipe in place and tighten the connections.

If you are dealing with a more serious plumbing problem, then it's important for you to have a professional plumber, like South Side Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc., come out as soon as possible. The longer you put off a plumbing repair, the worse the situation will get.