Simple Security Strategies For Your Outdoor Parties And Events

It's important not to overlook security when you plan your next big outdoor event or party, but don't let your precautions impact the hospitality felt by guests when they arrive at your gathering. There are some practical and effective ways to handle security, particularly at outdoor parties or functions, that will ensure guests enjoy themselves, and are safe doing it.

Make a security plan, and implement these simple, sensible tactics at your event:

Set boundaries.

When you decide to host an event or party outside, you need to set up some sort of boundary or perimeter to keep guests contained and intruders out. Choices for these barriers include fencing, security guards, or even metal detectors; depending on the size and nature of your event, you may want to incorporate a couple of different methods. The primary purpose of setting up barriers is to know who is coming in and staying out of your function. 

Provide porta-potties.

It really makes the most sense to rent porta-potties and avoid a line forming inside your home, a business, or other venue when guests want to use the facilities. This keeps people out of the way when you are preparing for your event, and out of the way of caterers, performers, or others involved in organizing your event. Plus, guests will appreciate the convenience of having toilets near the venue. Contact a company like B & B Drain Tech Inc for help with porta-potties.

Inform the authorities.

It is not a bad idea to give a heads-up to local law enforcement, parking authorities, landlords, or neighbors when planning to host a party or event. Let them know how many people you expect to attend, the nature of your event, and any potential issues that could concern you, such as interference with traffic flow or an increased number of pedestrians in the area that day.

Predict problems.

Depending on the type of event you have and the guests that attend, there may be some distinctive issues that arise. Plan ahead as to the best way to cope with them before they happen. For instance, what will you do if a guest is visibly intoxicated and planning to drive home, or how will you deal with a child that has been separated from a parent in the crowd?

Plan for medical emergencies.

Never host or plan an event without some idea of what to do in the case of a medical emergency. It is always best to have a medical professional on hand, and some may attend the party as a special invited guest only offering services if a situation arises. If this isn't viable, be sure that there is an adequate first aid kit on site and that there is a designated individual to drive individuals to a nearby hospital if needed.

Make guests feel welcome.

If you do hire security personnel to attend your event, focus on developing a warm and friendly atmosphere for your guests. Have personnel engage with guests, and perhaps encourage them to wear less formal attire than a security uniform. It is good to be able to identify security by sight, but it is also important that they don't come across as intimidating or unfriendly.

Guests and attendants at your function deserve to be safe and secure on the premises. Implement these simple security strategies to make your event, party, or function safe and free from intrusions, intruders, and incidents. Talk with local security companies for hiring guards or officers when necessary.