Clues That The Clog In Your Drains Really Needs A Plumber

Almost everyone has experienced a clog drain at one time or another. It could have been a buildup of hair in the shower drain, grease in the sink drain, or too much paper in the toilet. For the most part, you can take care of these clogs with the right plunger or some baking soda and vinegar. However, some clogs require professional intervention. These may be due to a broken pipe, tree roots, or a small clog that has grown and stuck since being pushed through to the main drain. Here are a few clues that the clog you are dealing with is more than a simple one and you should call a plumber.

Gurgling Sounds in Different Places

If you hear gurgling in the kitchen when the bathtub is trying to drain, it usually means the water is trying to find a way out of the house. You may even hear gurgling in multiple places as the water passes by the different drains. Usually, this will happen with all the drains at the same time. In addition, all the drains may be draining slowly.

Water Backing Up in Different Places

Having water backing up into fixtures that are not currently draining is a sign the clog is not limited to one area. You may see the bathtub filling with water when you flush the toilet or run the washing machine. It is also common to have the toilet overflowing when the shower is being used or the bathtub drains.

Water Pooling in the Yard When it Hasn't Rained

If you notice water, or even bits of toilet paper around the house, it is a sign that sewage is backing up through the sewer clean out pipe. Normally, this is located close to the house, where a bathroom is located and often behind bushes or other landscaping. This occurs when the clog is not in the house at all, but somewhere in the pipes buried in your yard. Unless you are using multiple drains at the same time, for example, running the washing machine while someone is bathing and someone else using the toilet, the water may not back up in your home when the clog is this deep. The sewer clean out pipe will allow for the water to leave the building; it will just overflow into the yard.

When the clog is not close to a drain, but somewhere deeper into the system, using a plunger is only going to push it further away. Unless you have experience opening up a wall or floor, or digging up the yard, you should call in the professionals. They can pinpoint where the clog is and take care of it quickly and safely, without doing any further damage to your pipes.

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