Four DIY Plumbing Repairs That You Should Know How To Do

The plumbing in your home can cause many different problems when it fails. Leaks may be a headache, but can be even worse if they cause structural damage to your home. This is why there are some basic plumbing repairs that you may want to know how to do to save your home from catastrophe. Here are some tips to help you do some of the most common plumbing repairs in your home:

1. Getting A Clog Out Of A Bath Or Shower Drain

One of the plumbing drains in your home that is most likely to give you trouble is a bath or shower drain. You may want to try plunging a stubborn clog out. If you cannot plunge it, use a plumbing snake. Make sure you remove the overflow drain and use the snake to get the clog out. You can also make a hook with a coat-hanger to get hair and debris out of the trap in the bottom of the drain.  

2. Replacing A Leaking Or Broken Kitchen Faucet

Another area of your home that gets a lot of use is the kitchen. Eventually, a kitchen faucet will become worn out and need to be repaired or replaced. There are fittings on the faucet that allow you to easily remove it with a wrench. When you put pipes back, make sure to use a Teflon tape to seal up the connections and prevent leaks.

3. Fixing Leaky Pipe Connections With Loose Fittings

The plumbing in your home is also full of fittings that can leak. This can be caused by normal wear, and fixing them can be simple. For the fittings with screw connections, you can turn the water off to them and add a strip of plumbing tape around the threads to make a new seal. For soldered connections, you may want to contact a plumber and turn the water off. 

4. Tricks To Fix A Toilet That Is Constantly Running

The toilets in your home can also give you plumbing problems. A constantly running toilet can not only be annoying, but it can also have an impact on your water bill. You will want to know how to replace the floater valve, which is just removing a couple of screws and adding a new one. If you want to reduce water consumption, you can also try adding bricks or milk jugs with water to the tank.

These are some tips to help you do some of the most common plumbing repairs in your home. If you have a job that is too big for you to handle or are having trouble with repairs, contact a plumbing contractor like Hager Plumbing to get the help you need with your plumbing repairs.