When To Replace Your Septic Tank

With the proper care and maintenance, your septic tank should work well for years. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and septic tanks are no exception. Before your septic tank or system quits on you entirely, there will be signs of its deterioration. If you pay attention to these signs, you will know when to replace your septic system.


If you examine your lawn above your drain field, that area above and around your septic tank, and find that it is constantly wet, even if the weather has been dry, your tank is probably leaking. In some cases, the leaks may be from the ports, a problem your septic tank professional can fix for you. However, if the tank itself has developed a leak, you are looking at a large repair bill, one that may not be worth it if your tank is old. You may want to consider replacing your old tank with a new one at this point.

Sewage Backup

Having sewage back up into your house is not only unpleasant: it's a health hazard. Sometimes this problem is caused by a simple clog or by your septic tank being full. However, if you have had your tank pumped regularly, this backup may be a sign that you have outgrown your system. You may need a new and larger tank. Another obvious sign of sewage backup is the smell. If something literally stinks, then you have a septic problem, one that may indicate a replacement is in order.

Beautiful Grass

If your drain field and the surrounding lawn is a beautiful dark shade of green while the rest of your yard is just its normal color, you may have a serious problem. While "gray water" is supposed to be dispersed from your system into the drain field, solid waste is not. If your grass is being deeply fertilized in spots near your septic tank, you can be sure that you have some sort of issue with your system, one that may signal the need to replace it. 

If you notice these signs of trouble, contact a professional such as AAA Septic Tank Service and arrange an inspection. You need to know as soon as possible if the problems can be repaired or whether you need to replace your system. Ignoring your septic tank problems is never a good idea and can lead to a complete system failure. It's certainly better to take care of the issues before your home is damaged by excessive sewage backup or you suffer serious lawn damage.