How To Clean Plugged Burners On A Gas Furnace

If your furnace is not starting properly and warming your home, you should check the burners. Dirt and rust can build up inside the burners and clog the pipes moving gas from one burner to the next. You have to remove the burners so you can clean them out and restore the flow of gas necessary to heat your home. Keeping the burners clean means you'll avoid hefty furnace repair down the road. Here is how you can remove and clean the gas burners on your furnace.

Step One: Turn off Electricity and Gas

You want to turn off the utilities going to the furnace to prevent electrocution or an explosion due to a gas leak. Turn off the circuit breaker or remove the use for the furnace at the main electrical box. The switch for the gas line is located on the gas pipe going into the furnace. Turn the switch on the handle so it is set perpendicular to the gas line.

Step Two: Remove Burners

Take off the panel on the front of the furnace. Usually, you can lift up on the panel to slide it out of the grooves on the face of the furnace. However, some panels are screwed into place. Remove the screws securing the panel to the front of the furnace. Remove the panel.

The burners are located just above the chamber that holds the blower. In some cases, you'll have to move another small metal cover to gain access to the burners. Remove the screws to the cover and take it off of the furnace.

Gas burners use a clip to hold them in place. Open the clip and carefully remove the burners from inside the furnace.

Step Three: Clean Burners

Put a soft-bristled brush onto the wand of a vacuum cleaner. Run the brush over the surface of the burners to break off hardened pieces of dust and rust while you are vacuuming. You can blow out the inside of the burner using a can of compressed air.

You should also clean out the gas jets. The jets are located on the end of the gas line on each burner. The jets control the flow of gas into each burner. Unscrew the jets from the gas line and push a thin wire through them to clean them out.

Tip the burners upside down and tap the sides of them. This will help to dislodge any dirt and rust you can't reach with the brush or wire.

Step Four: Replace Burners

Screw the jets back onto the gas line. Insert the burners back into the furnace and clip them in place. Put the cover back over the front of the burners (if you had to remove one).

Turn on the gas and electricity. Turn on the furnace. Watch to make sure a steady blue flame is emitted from each burner – the blue flame signifies the burners are working properly.

Put the main panel back over the front of the furnace.