New Homeowner's Guide: How To Get Your Child's Stuck Toy Out Of A Toilet

Some kids love to play around water – especially the water in your toilet. The fun just increases when they put a toy in the toilet bowl and flush the handle so it spins around and around in the water. The problem is the toy can get flushed down into the toilet and get stuck. You'll have to remove the toy before you can use the toilet again to go to the bathroom. Here is how you can get the toy out of the toilet.

Closet Augur

A closet auger has a handle you can twist connected to a long hollow wand. The wand holds a length of tightly wrapped rings of metal with a loosely-wrapped wire bulbous nose at the tip. The wrapped-wire portion of the augur looks like a regular sewer snake used to clean out sewer lines. The wrapped rings allow the snake portion of the auger to bend and twist through the curves in the toilet. The bulbous tipped end of the auger can snake all through the neck of the toilet until it reaches the opening of the sewer pipe connected to the bottom of a toilet. Toys are usually stuck somewhere in the neck of the toilet.

Take the auger and feed the bulbous tip down into the toilet. The head tip will stop when it hits an object blocking the curves in the neck. You want to try to push the tip onto a portion of the toy so the wires on the bulbous tip latch onto the toy and you can pull it back out to you.

Trying to snatch onto the toy can take several tries before you are successful. However, if it just doesn't seem to be working after several attempts, you'll have to remove the toilet from its base so you can turn it over and reach into the bottom to grab the toy and take it out.

Removing Toilet

Turn off the water going to the toilet and flush it a couple of times to remove the water in the tank and bowl. You should use a sponge to soak up and remove whatever water is left after flushing to avoid making a big mess on the floor when you tip the toilet over.

The toilet is typically bolted to the floor. Lift the caps off on the bottom of the toilet covering the nuts and bolts. Remove the nuts holding the bottom of the toilet to the floor. Use a utility knife to cut through the caulk between the bottom of the toilet and the floor.

Gently lift the toilet up off of the bolts. You want to be careful that you don't damage the gasket or wax ring where the toilet and sewer meet, or you'll have to get a new gasket or wax ring before you put the toilet back together. Gaskets and wax rings seal the connection between the toilet and sewer pipe so you don't have any leaks when you flush the toilet.

Turn the toilet over to reach in and grab the toy. You may still want to put towels on the floor, or flip it over in a shower or bathtub, to catch any water you missed with the sponge.

Set the toilet carefully back into position and bolt it back down. Connect the waterline and turn it on. Wait until the tank fills up before you flush the toilet to check to make sure it is operating properly and there aren't any leaks around the gasket or wax ring. Call plumber for more help.