Leaking Pipes? Here's How They Can Destroy Your Home

Plumbing services and systems are an important component of any home. They provide you with the water you need to shower, cook food and flush your toilet. Without them, things would be a lot different in homes today. While you might not think too much about these pipes, they do require a certain amount of maintenance to make sure they are taken care of. Old pipes can end up bursting and causing all sorts of problems in the home. Just check out three of the ways that leaking pipes can end up causing damage to your home.

Mildew and mold starts to grow.

Even a small leak could end up turning into a major disaster in your home. That small pool of water left undetected in your walls could end up damaging the drywall and causing mold to start forming. One small spot of mold will continue to grow and flourish as long as it continues to have a water source. Before you know it, the mold starts to eat its way through your building materials and into the main part of your home. Not only will this cause damage to the structure of the home, but it could end up making you sick as well.

Wallpaper and paint starts to peel.

Water that seeps behind the walls can end up causing a lot of damage to the structure of your home. The dampness can cause the paint to start running and wallpaper to start peeling. These items need a dry environment to stay adhered to the walls properly. With the water leak in the wall, they don't have that. If you notice your wallpaper suddenly falling off your walls, you have something going on beneath of the surface that needs to be taken care of.

Wood starts to rot.

Pipes tend to run underneath of your floors. It won't take long before the wood starts warping and your floors are ruined. If you start feeling any strange bumps on your floors that weren't there before, you probably have a leak underneath of the surface that you cannot see. Don't let the damage continue. The worse the leak becomes, the greater the chance that your floors are going to end up rotting through and you are going to have to replace the entire subfloor.

Water leaks are serious and need to be taken care of as quickly as possible to prevent any major problems from occurring around your home.