Keep Your Toilet Flowing Easily By Making Sure These Things Don'T Get Flushed

A clogged toilet is a common home plumbing problem that many people experience, and the solution to this issue can range from a few simple pumps with a plunger to needing to call a licensed emergency plumber. Given that you don't want to run into this disruptive issue, it's important to give some thought to what you flush down the toilet – and make sure that your flushing habits don't increase your risk of a blockage. Here are some things that should never be flushed away.

Sanitary Wipes

Many sanitary wipes that you might use for your child or even for yourself are often labeled as being "flushable," but the reality is that they can be hugely problematic. These products can easily clog your pipes and lead to a major blockage that requires the help of a plumber. Such products have wreaked havoc in many cities' sewer systems, too, given the fact that they don't break down. It's best to dispose of these products in your garbage or simply use toilet paper.

Cooking Products

On the surface, it might seem impractical to try to flush cooking products down the toilet, but if you frequently fry your food, you might be looking for a quick and easy disposal method for your used oil. The concern with flushing such products is that they will coat the inside of your toilet and your pipes; over time, this coating can reduce the flow of water and lead to clogs. It's better to pour your used oil into an appropriate-size bottle and dispose of it in your household garbage.

Extremely Large Wads Of Toilet Paper

Most toilets can handle a fair amount of toilet paper at one time, but if you're using a significant wad that's larger than usual, it's beneficial to dispose of it in a couple flushes. Flushing a large amount of paper in one flush has the potential of clogging the toilet or the pipes leading away from the toilet, which will result in an unpleasant mess for you to deal with. It's better to flush two or three times if your toilet paper usage is substantial.

Tooth Floss

It's easy to toss your piece of used floss into the toilet after you finish cleaning your teeth, but doing so could lead to a call to your local emergency plumber. The long, stringy nature of tooth floss means that it can easily wrap its way around other matter in your pipes and contribute to a blockage. Additionally, it doesn't break down over time; it's best to toss your floss in the garbage can.