Should You Replace Your Home's Plumbing System?

If you have an older home with old plumbing, then you may be thinking of replacing the entire system before you have too many problems. Perhaps you're wondering if your existing problems are signs that your plumbing is about to fail completely. Since plumbing system replacement is a serious job, it's important to know if replacing the plumbing is right for your home. Here are some common signs and reasons why you might want to consider replacing part, most or all of the plumbing inside your home.

Your home is old:

If you own a home that is more than a century old, then you may want to have someone look at your plumbing even if you've had few problems. Some older homes have lead pipes that may work well, but could be leaching toxins into your water. Even if your home is not over 100 years old, you still may have problem pipe materials. During the 1970s and 1980s, polybutylene pipes were very common in homes built during those times. These pipes often break down after a few decades and can split or burst.

You have a lot of leaks, clogs or burst pipes:

If your pipes are constantly leaking, seeping or flat-out bursting, then you may want to have your entire plumbing system replaced before the problem becomes worse. Leaks can be caused by corrosion, tree roots, movement (such as settling or earthquakes), clogs, freezing or direct damage. Look for any signs of corrosion or cracks on the outside of exposed pipes. If your sinks and toilets constantly drain slowly and are often clogged, then you may want to see if it's because your pipes are too small or have a lot of debris and corrosion inside.

Bad water color:

While some color in your water can simply indicate that you need a sewer line cleaning or pipe flushing, others may indicate that your plumbing should be replaced. If your water has a red or brown tint or color, then it could mean that the iron pipes are breaking down. Green or blue water may come from copper piping. You may also notice that some of your laundry has odd stains or discoloration as well. If the water color is very noticeable and causing problems, then it may be time to replace those pipes.

While some of these issues may be minor at first, it may indicate a need for replacement further down the road. If your plumbing has any of these problems, or others that aren't mentioned here, and it's getting to the point where repairing them is no longer an option, then call a plumber to have your system assessed.

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